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Colorado Wine Grapes 

If you’re into wine, you’ve come to the right place. Colorado Vineyard Specialists supplies our customers with the most premium grapes on the market. We are leaders in the Colorado wine grape growing industry and make sure our customers receive the very best product. Check out the varieties we grow on the Western Slope. Please visit our varieties grown page for a complete list.

Red Wine

Frozen Wine Grape Juice and Must

Your wine tanks are empty and you are ready to ferment additional product mid-season. We are here to help, we supply our customers with the very best frozen wine grape must and juice. Please visit our frozen juice and must page for available varieties and volumes. 


About Us

Born and raised on the Western Slope to a small peach farmer. Kaibab, the owner operator of Colorado Vineyard Specialists has been fascinated with nurturing and growing fruit. After college graduation in 2000, he returned to the fields and began his commercial wine grape growing career and business.

Colorado Vineyard Specialists is dedicated to producing high quality wine grapes for premium wines across the state. In addition to growing, our dedicated team of employees also offer a wide range of vineyard services and consultation in management and new installations.

We are committed to strengthening and progressing the local industry. You can count on us to deliver quality products and custom services tailored to your winery or vineyard. Contact us to learn more about how we can supply your wine grape needs or maximize your vineyard investment. 

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